Draughts - a traditional and inspiring game, thanks to which you will have a great time playing with demanding opponents: with a computer or with another person in the offline two player mode. Relax with family or friends and play Draughts. Show the game to children and discover together the best entertainment from school years.

Are you a fan of board games? Would you like to invent or rethink a strategy that will lead you to victory? Draughts teach logical thinking and help to practice them. You can also change the settings yourself, choose your own rules and play the way you want and like for example by giving up hitting back or forcing you to beat yourself.

This is not the end - you can download this application and play completely free.

Draughts are a classic board game, but in this application you can discover new features that will make this game get you even more.



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Why draughts? 23.09.2019 Why draughts? Why is it worth to play checkers and what makes this sport special? For answers to these and other questions, read the article prepared by Natalia Sadowska - Women's World Draughts Champion. Read more
Draughts: the history of the board game 27.08.2019 Draughts: the history of the board game Find out where draughts, the classic board game, comes from - learn about its history from ancient times to the present day. Check how its name and varieties has changed and learn more about the champions of draughts. Read more
Draughts: different rules of the game in particular countries 27.08.2019 Draughts: different rules of the game in particular countries There are different rules of draughts in particular countries. Compare the variants of the board game - checkers, classic, international, Turkish, Spanish and Italian draughts. Learn about mandatory capture, the size of a board and king movements. Read more
Basic Draughts Rules

Learn how to play and how to win draughts

Learn the basic rules for different variations of checkers regarding the board, pawn and queen moves, forced beatings and draws in the game.


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Variations and various rules of the game check how to play

Did you know that draughts game rules may differ? Check how to play with the Spaniard and how with the Englishman.

Even such a classic board game as checkers can evoke high emotions and a sudden increase in pressure. Especially if it turns out that your opponent uses completely different rules of the game and insists that the queen has the priority of beating. You, in turn, still from checkers in childhood, remember that you "lose life" for "you inevitably." Check if you play Polish checkers and learn the rules specific to individual countries.


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